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Eynsham Parish Council

Business Directory

Cafés, Pubs and Restaurants

Bayleaf Restaurant (more details and map)

Bayleaf Restaurant

4 Lombard Street
OX29 4HT

Contact: Saidul Hoque
Tel: 01865 884401

Website: www.bayleafrestaurant.net

Opening Times: Monday-Thursday 12:00-14:00, 17:30-23:30; Friday 17:30-23:30; Saturday 12:00-14:00, 17:30-23:30; Sunday 12:00-23:30.

Details Last Amended: 15/10/2015

Boot Inn (more details and map)

Boot Inn

Barnard Gate
OX29 6XE

Contact: Landlord Craig Foster
Tel: 01865 881231

Email: info@theboot-inn.com
Website: www.theboot-inn.com

Details Last Amended: 10/09/2015

Cornucopia Cooks (more details and map)

Cornucopia Cooks

1 High Street
OX29 4HA

Contact: Sandy Hellig
Mobile: 07551 876285

Email: sandy@cornucopiacooks.co.uk
Website: www.cornucopiacooks.co.uk

Opening Times: 1st Friday of month 18:00-23:00

Details Last Amended: 01/11/2015

Evenlode, The (more details and map)

Evenlode, The

A40 west-bound / Old Witney Road
OX29 4PS

Contact: Manager Debbie Blayney
Tel: 01865 882878

Website: www.adcevenlode.co.uk

Opening Times: Monday-Sunday 12:00-23:00

Details Last Amended: 10/10/2013

Eynsham Emporium (more details and map)

Eynsham Emporium

32 Mill Street
OX29 4JS

Contact: Corin Willett
Tel: 01865 731717
Fax: 01865 731716

Email: info@eynsham-emporium.co.uk
Website: www.eynsham-emporium.co.uk

Opening Times: Monday-Friday 08:30-17:00; Saturday 09:30-17:00

Details Last Amended: 29/01/2016

Harrisons (more details and map)


11 High Street
OX29 4HA

Contact: Charmaine Watson
Tel: 01865 884445

Email: harrisons-eynsham@mail.com

Opening Times: Monday-Friday 08:00-15:30

Details Last Amended: 01/04/2015

Jolly Sportsman (more details and map)

Jolly Sportsman

2 Lombard Street
OX29 4HT

Contact: Becky Bryan and Martin Batts
Tel: 01865 881427

Email: jollysportsman@yahoo.co.uk
Website: www.jollysportsmaneynsham.com

Opening Times: Food served Saturday 10:00-12:00 only - big breakfast

Details Last Amended: 13/04/2014

Natural Bread (more details and map)

Natural Bread

1 Mill Street
OX29 4JX

Contact: Claire Véry
Tel: 01865 882116

Website: www.naturalbreadcompany.co.uk

Opening Times: Tuesday-Saturday 07:30-14:00

Details Last Amended: 28/04/2016

Newlands Inn (more details and map)

Newlands Inn

45-47 Newland Street
OX29 4LD

Contact: Tracey and Ian Green
Tel: 01865 881486

Details Last Amended: 24/03/2016

Queens Head (more details and map)

Queens Head

17 Queen Street
OX29 4HH

Contact: Pete Jones
Tel: 01865 881229

Email: queensheadeynsham@hotmail.co.uk
Website: www.thequeenshead.net

Opening Times: Food served daily 12:00-14:00 and Monday-Friday 17:30-19:30.

Details Last Amended: 26/10/2015

Ready Steady Spice (more details and map)

Ready Steady Spice

34 Newland Street
OX29 4LD

Tel: 01865 883333

Website: readysteadyspice.com

Opening Times: 17:00-22:30, 7 days a week.

Details Last Amended: 13/04/2014

Red Lion (more details and map)

Red Lion

The Square
OX29 4HW

Contact: Marisa MacKenzie
Tel: 01865 882903

Details Last Amended: 10/04/2015

Swan Hotel (more details and map)

Swan Hotel

21 Acre End Street
OX29 4PE

Contact: Keith O'Malley
Tel: 01865 881225

Email: enquiries@swaneynsham.com
Website: www.swaneynsham.net

Details Last Amended: 24/08/2015

Talbot Inn (more details and map)

Talbot Inn

Oxford Road
OX29 4BT

Contact: Landlord Tony Viney
Tel: 01865 881348
Fax: 01865 880327

Email: info@talbotoxford.co.uk
Website: www.talbot-oxford.co.uk

Details Last Amended: 24/03/2016

White Hart, the (more details and map)

White Hart, the

31 Newland Street
OX29 4LB

Contact: Patrick McDermott & Polly Hunt
Tel: 01865 883093

Email: p.painting@btinternet.com

Details Last Amended: 22/06/2015