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Eynsham Parish Council

Business Directory


Bartholomew School (more details and map)

Bartholomew School

Witney Road
OX29 4AP

Contact: Headteacher Andrew Hamilton
Tel: 01865 881430
Fax: 01865 883973

Email: head.4054@bartholomew.oxon.sch.uk
Website: www.bartholomew.oxon.sch.uk

Details Last Amended: 12/12/2014

Eynsham Community Primary School (more details and map)

Eynsham Community Primary  School

Beech Road
OX29 4LJ

Contact: Headteacher Ian Moore
Tel: 01865 881294
Fax: 01865 883094

Email: office.2209@eynsham.oxon.sch.uk
Website: eynsham.oxon.sch.uk/

Details Last Amended: 28/10/2014

Private Tuition - 3Rs to GCSE (more details and map)

Merton House, 51 Acre End Street
OX29 4PF

Contact: Val Dhesi
Tel: 01865 883032
Mobile: 07791 106007

Email: valdhesi@hotmail.co.uk

Details Last Amended: 29/03/2014

Private Tuition - Science and Biology (more details and map)


Contact: Rachel Grant
Mobile: 07884 230378

Email: rachelannegrant@gmail.com

Details Last Amended: 29/03/2014

Private Tuition - Violin (more details and map)

Private Tuition - Violin

26 Acre End Street
OX29 4PA

Contact: Hannah Laurens
Tel: 01865 882880

Website: www.violinlessonseynsham.wordpress.com/

Details Last Amended: 24/07/2014

Private Tuition - Voice Coach (more details and map)

Private Tuition - Voice Coach

52 Mill Street
OX29 4JU

Contact: Anne L Ryan
Tel: 01865 880858

Email: infomovingtone.com@gmail.com
Website: www.annelryan.co.uk/voice/teaching

Details Last Amended: 07/03/2014