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Eynsham Parish Council
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Bitterell Footpath26/03/2011

As part of the planning agreement for Swinford Green, the developers, Taylor Wimpey, have paid Oxfordshire County Council to improve the Bitterell footpath 206/5 to provide pedestrian access to the centre of the village for the future residents of the estate. The works are scheduled for 28 March - 8 May:

"In the interest of public safety it will be necessary for Oxfordshire County Council to close the above footpath to enable footway surfacing and street lighting installation works to take place. Access will be maintained for emergency service vehicles and residents within the closure area, subject to the progress of the works ... There is no alternative route."

Bitterell is a private road owned by Oxford’s Corpus Christi College, which also owns the footpath up to the B4449 bypass. The OCC plan is for a three metre wide paved path from the east end of Bitterell to the bypass to connect with the previously made up one metre footpath along the bypass from Oxford Road - read more >>

The path will be lit by eight street lights on five-metre poles. There are no plans to install street lights in Bitterell. Bollards will be installed on the footpath to prevent use by cars. OCC says the route will remain as a footpath, which means it is a public right of way for walkers only. You may take a pram, pushchair or wheelchair but riding and cycling are not permitted - more >>

Objections from the residents in Bitterell and Parish Council concerns about the design and lighting have been ignored to date; a further meeting is scheduled for early next week.

The Bitterell

The footpath is intended to be connected to Swinford Green by two footpaths constructed by Taylor Wimpey. A one metre footpath has also been constructed along the bypass from Cassington Road, though this ends at the northeast corner of the development. Future walkers along the bypass from Cassington Road to Oxford Road will have to detour through the estate streets when these are opened.

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