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Eynsham Parish Council
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Well Done Guys!24/02/2012

Eynsham's first graffiti day went down a storm last year. And the next event is now secure, thanks to a hard-working bunch of young people who have just been awarded funds for a 'Pimp my Bike' project in Eynsham.

PCSO Helen Keen explains, Bicycles seem to be THE mode of transport for youths in Eynsham and the villages, so it makes sense to get them busy decorating and maintaining their bikes so they are safe and seen.

Cottsway Active Communities TeamYoung people from Eynsham Youth Club, with help from Cottsway's Active Communities Team, presented their case last Friday to the youth panel from the Positive Activities Fund.

The photo below was taken shortly afterwards, at a restoring break in a well-known burger bar.

the winning team take a break at a well-known burger bar

The group has been awarded 3,000 towards two projects at Eynsham Youth Club in the Easter holidays:

  • Young people with an interest in bikes and bike mechanics are invited to work alongside a bike mechanic and a graffiti artist to turn their bikes into works of art. They will learn how to dismantle their bikes, sand them down and put them back together. They can pick colours and designs to suit themselves.
  • The second project, Mirror Mirror, aims to look at fashion, to question trends and be inspired by experimental fashion a la Lady Gaga. It aims to be fun and productive, turning old clothes from local charity shops into fashionable garments.

More information from PCSO Helen Keen email


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