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Eynsham Parish Council

Tasters from the Deli

  • 01. GOING OUT IN STYLE: “Cornucopia Deli closes on Saturday 4 September 2010 after 6½ years of successful and happy trading. We would like to thank all of our customers who have made the deli the success it has been. We hope you will pop in to say goodbye”.Sandy Hellig and the Deli Team made a celebration of the occasion, as the following images show – staff first for once, then customers, then scenes from earlier days.On this snap, left-right: Kit, Sally, Matt, Sandy, Alex and Lesley, with Vicky in front.All images © Eynsham Online
  • 02. visiting princess
  • 03. happy memories
  • 04. last chance to buy
  • 05. it's for a friend
  • 06. catching up
  • 07. difficult decisions
  • 08. another well-wisher
  • 09. and yet another
  • 10. staff snaps #1
  • 11. staff snaps #2
  • 12. staff snaps #3
  • 13. staff snaps #4
  • 14. staff snaps #5
  • 15. staff snaps #6 Richard Golsby from the butchers across the way called in to say goodbye ...
  • 16. staff snaps #7... and ended up taking a few drinks back to share.
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