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Eynsham Parish Council

Local Maps

  • Public transport
  • That was then ...

    Oxfordshire, but not as we know it: this 17th century map by John Speed provides a fascinating snapshot of an age when the ‘Roll-rich Stones’ were thought to stand mid-way between ‘Longhanboro’ and ‘Enesham’. Look for it on the cover of the Eynsham Directory 2014 - more >>

  • Waste Bins
    Photo: West Oxfordshire District Council 02/12/2014

    Following a series of features on dog fouling, residents may find it helpful to know where the nearest bins are. As you will see, they are never far away. Green dots mark the litter bins and blue dots mark the dog waste bins. Please let us know if any are incorrectly marked.

  • Eynsham distilled

    Eynsham artist Jane Tomlinson has created a hand-drawn map of the village, featuring houses, activities, business and buildings as well as history and nature. A great gift for anyone who loves Eynsham - more >>

    Click on any link below for a preview map of Eynsham, with downloadable file and related feature. For a complete list of maps consult the Document Archive.

    21/05/2013 Eynsham Village Tour with new images
    04/04/2013 Green Travel Map - Eynsham
    14/12/2012 In the making: Eynsham Art Trail
    27/03/2012 Abbey Fishponds Location Map
    27/03/2012 Access, industrial estates, central car park
    27/03/2012 Eynsham Housing, amenities, pubs etc
    27/03/2012 Eynsham Street Map
    13/12/2011 Meeting places & halls for hire - now with Street View
    12/08/2011 Eynsham Listed Buildings - plus interactive map from 2013
    31/12/2010 Indicative floodplain
    18/10/2010 Facilities around Eynsham Lock
    18/08/2010 Central shops and services
    03/04/2009 Eynsham bus stops & routes - 18, 18A; S1, S2
    05/07/2008 Carnival Route Map - parade & shirt race
    22/01/2008 New Woodland at Eynsham Lock
    01/10/2006 Rights of way - central & south; north; west
    16/09/2006 Gravel restoration proposal
    01/01/2002 Eynsham Abbey Heritage Trail

  • Housing, amenities, pubs etc

    View .pdf >>; more local maps >>

    Amenities ranging from the allotments to the village hall; cafés, pubs and restaurants; and approximate ages of housing stock in different areas. Updated in March 2012. It also marks listed buildings in the conservation area - for coverage in another map.

  • Meeting places & halls for hire
    Photo: Ken Renwick 13/12/2011

    An interactive map of every public building, with links to contacts and features for (almost) every one of them. First introduced in summer 2010 but now with Google Street View! Click on the link and see for yourself.

  • Shopping guide

    View pdf >>; more local maps >>

    Classified listings for over 80 “open door” businesses , accompanied by diagrammatic maps of the village centre and surrounding area (shown here). Created in summer 2010 for the Eynsham Business Network.

    For more detailed information, continuously updated, visit our Central Shops & Services >>

  • Conservation area

    Start Tour >> ¦ View .pdf >>; More local maps >>

    Short tour of the village centre, highlighting historic features and other points of interest. Also includes activities for younger visitors. Updated withnew images in May 2013.

  • Rights of way

    Choose from 3 maps: Central & South; North (preview shown); West (including Barnard Gate).

    View contacts & maintenance plan, Gallery and key >>

  • Indicative floodplain

    View pdf >>

    This snapshot was provided in February 2011 to show changes in areas at risk of flooding - read more >>

    The interactive online map is updated quarterly.

  • Wharf Stream Way
    Photo: West Oxfordshire District Council 23/03/2015

    Start Tour >>; View .pdf >>; More local maps >>

    An imaginative plan for public art in Eynsham, leveraging funds from developers to enhance our local rights of way. The chosen trail (2 km / 1.25 miles) is to the east of the village, running beside the allotments, over the dismantled railway to the Wharf Stream bridge and on to the Thames. This map was also published in issue 12 of Eynsham News. Full text follows below.

    A fascinating route with a rich history, which, apart from the Wharf Stream crossing, is largely invisible. Unique artworks, designed by local residents, have been used to bring the history of the route to life. Why not come and see for yourself ...

    ACCESS: There is no parking in the immediate area of the start of the Wharf Stream Way at Hazeldene Close. Please make use of car parks in the village centre from where it is a short walk to the start point at Hazeldene Close. There is a mobility gate at the start and no stiles along the route. It is flat but does tend to be uneven and can be muddy. The bridge at Wharf Stream crossing has a step. For more information call 01993 861080.

    • START at the edge of Hazeldene Close, by Jane Tomlinson’s interpretation panel (A). Carefully cross the main road (B4449).
    • Follow the footpath alongside the allotments, past the waymarker designed by Eynsham Day Centre and Alice Walker(B).
    • Turn left and follow Mead Lane for approx. 200 metres.
    • Turn right, through the field entrance and follow the path beside the hedgerow.
    • Cross the old railway line. Follow the path for 200 metres and pass through the break in the hedge. Keep walking straight towards Wytham hill in the distance.
    • Cross the Wharf Stream via the footbridge. From April the information panel, designed by Lorna Marrison (C), will give some historical context of the area.
    • Follow the footpath across the field towards the Thames Weir.Turn right and follow the river for 100 metres. (For a longer walk, you may wish to cross the Thames here and pick up another local footpath.)
    • Cross the Wharf Stream again and bear right. Following the footpath, walk diagonally across the field towards a gate.
    • On the main road (B4044) you will see the waymarker designed by Jane Tomlinson (D). Turn right here and follow the pavement to the Talbot pub and your return to Eynsham.
  • Village setting

    View .pdf >>; more local maps >>

    Area of high landscape value, field boundaries, rivers and streams, indicative floodplain, Oxford green belt. The floodplain is under review.

  • Local gravel deposits
    Photo: Oxfordshire County Council 24/02/2014

    OCC includes this map in its draft plans for dealing with minerals and waste up to 2030, in the context of a shrinking role for the district - read more >>

  • Ancient parish

    Still the residential qualification for Eynsham Consolidated Charity, the “Ancient Parish of Eynsham” covered all of the present parish and part of Freeland too.

  • Neighbourhood policing

    Eynsham Neighbourhood includes the parishes of Cassington, Hardwick with Yelford, North Leigh, South Leigh, Northmoor, Standlake and Stanton Harcourt.

    Policing Updates; Neighbourhood Action

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