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Eynsham Parish Council

Eynsham Mysteries

Eynsham Mysteries

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A community arts festival of drama, story telling, dance, music and more, performed on 24-27 November 2010 and inspired by the success of the previous Eynsham Mysteries in 2000 and 2006. The slideshow follows rehearsals from the first auditions on 17 May. There is also a gallery covering the Dress Rehearsal: scenes from the show >>

scenes from the showWe are very grateful to our funders for support for The Eynsham Mysteries. With much of the budget secured by August 2010, we were able to plan and implement a very ambitious project involving 100 performers on stage, and a further 100 members of the community involved in backstage support including set design, costumes and props, etc. - read the full report >>

“The Eynsham Mysteries was a powerful example of active citizens giving time, energies and skills to make things happen. The event has brought people together, created new friendships and links between different organisations. It has built both individual confidences and a collective belief that we live in a strong, imaginative and collaborative community with a wide range of talent.”

New for 2012: the Mysteries Newsreel joins our video choices. The Eynsham Mysteries DVD, compiled by John Richards of Phototechniques, is now on sale for £12 at Evenlode DIY.