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Eynsham Parish Council

Eynsham Mysteries Trail

Eynsham Mysteries Trail

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5619184617943567921 A complimentary preview of the Tabloid Bible, courtesy of Eynsham author Nick Page.

Want something to do with the kids over half term: Thursday 28-Sunday 31 October 2010? Life-size figures of biblical characters will be popping up all around Eynsham. Pick up a trail pack from Eynsham Emporium or Evenlode DIY and enter our free quiz competition.

Using this map and clue sheet, take a trip around the streets of Eynsham to find all the women of the Bible, who are the main characters of this year's Eynsham Mystery Play production.

When youíve found the lady youíre looking for, write it on your answer sheet. When youíve completed your sheet, please return it to one of the following venues:

  • St Leonardís Church
  • Evenlode DIY
  • Eynsham Emporium

Closing date for entries is 1 November 2010. Good luck, and enjoy!