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Eynsham Parish Council

St Benedict's Fair

St Benedict's Fair

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An event to remember! St Benedict's Fair was held Saturday 23 July 2005 in Eynsham Market Square, as part of Eynsham Abbey millennium celebrations, and all profits went to Eynsham Library Extension Fund.

The Fair included medieval activities of all kinds, many in period costume: Medieval Crafts & Food - Pig Roast & Ale - Pottery - Calligraphy - Basket Making - Illuminated Manuscripts - Jewellery - Stained Glass - Candle Sticks - Morris Dancing - Soap - Minstrels - Spinning - Jesters - Bee Keeping - Bell Ringing & Hand Bells - Herbs & Plants - Abbey Exhibition - Flower Posies - Children's Activities - Corn Dolls - Paintings - Art Competition.

The Eynsham Abbey Millennium Badge, designed by Dorothy Berry and made by Thomas Fattorini of Birmingham, is still available @ 2 from Evenlode DIY in the High Street. Promotional image above by Sue Chapman shows L-R: Jane Le Galloudec, Trevor Green, Deborah De Kock and baby Isabella. Thanks to Fred Wright for most photos in the slideshow. More images are always welcome: please get in touch.

  • Mediaeval family - photo Jakes De Cock
    Mediaeval family - photo Jakes De Cock
  • Mediaeval jester
    Mediaeval jester
  • Mediaeval setting
    Mediaeval setting
  • Mediaeval pottery
    Mediaeval pottery
  • Mediaeval laughter
    Mediaeval laughter
  • Mediaeval music
    Mediaeval music
  • Mediaeval warrior
    Mediaeval warrior
  • Mediaeval abbot
    Mediaeval abbot
  • Mediaeval honey
    Mediaeval honey
  • Mediaeval ladies
    Mediaeval ladies
  • Mediaeval herb stall
    Mediaeval herb stall
  • Mediaeval memento
    Mediaeval memento
  • Mediaeval mastermind
    Mediaeval mastermind