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Eynsham Parish Council

Carnival 2008

Carnival 2008

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Eynsham Carnival is another village institution - bringing traffic to a standstill on the first Saturday in July. The procession begins in the central car park, so look for alternative parking on the outskirts if you are visiting, as many people do.

Shirt race and parade follow the same route, but with different starting points. Luckily.

FANCY DRESS AWARDS 2008 - 2009 - 2010

  • Class 1 Up to 5 years
    • 1st NHS 60 Today- Liz Hingley
    • 2nd Miss Muffett- Gaynor Batts
    • 3rd Bumble Bee- Abigail Barrett
  • Class 2 Age 6-9
    • 1st Wallace & Gromit- Adam Fisk and Liam Pym
    • 2nd Michael Jackson- Graham Meredith
    • 3rd Peter Pan & Tinkerbell- Eliza Creasey
  • Class 3 Age 10-13
    • 1st Carry on Camping- Caroline Ackling
    • 2nd Year of the Rat- Leanne Cecil
    • 3rd Big Bad Wolf- Jennifer Hayes
  • Class 4 Age 14-17
    • 1st Robin Hood- Emily Fisk
    • 2nd/3rd No Entry
  • Class 5 Age over 18
    • 1st Whoopie Cushion- Liz
    • 2nd/3rd No Entry
  • Class 6 Groups
    • 1st Eynsham Wind Farm- Chris Roles
    • 2nd Pied Piper- Abbey & Emily Bartlett, Holly Hooper, Jessica & Anne Butler-Miles, Lauren Walker
    • 3rd St Trinian's- J Taleigh


  • Class 1 Children
    • 1st Fifi & the Flower Pots- Acre End Playgroup
    • 2nd Bee Movie- Beavers
  • Class 2 Adults & Family
    • 1st Wurzel Gummidge- Hayes Family
    • 2nd Indiana Jones- Letts Family
  • Class 3 Business
    • 1st Credit Crunch- Rumblin Tums
    • 2nd No Entry
  • Class 4- Donna Jones
    • 1st Wurzel Gummidge- Hayes Family
    • 2nd No Entry

SPECIAL AWARDS- Walking Floats

  • 1st Oliver!- Cubs & Brownies
  • 2nd Rainbow- Bump to One


    route map for Eynsham Shirt race - click to enlarge
  • Mens
    • 1st no.12- Joss Hall and Tom Bryant
    • 2nd no.1- Tom Rawlings & Jamie Hodges
  • Ladies
    • 1st no.10- Nic Saunders & Tricia Partlett
    • 2nd no.3- Megan Treadwell & D McManarra
  • Mixed
    • 1st no.22- Megan Brophy & Dan Matthews
    • 2nd no.18- Darnells


  • 1st no.15- NHS 60 Years- Tim Shepherd and Steve Parsons
  • 2nd no.2- Flintstones- Graham Reading and Howard Humphries
  • 3rd no.20- Amy & Blake- Jeremy Denton and Quinton Vernon
  • 4th no.16- Father Ted- Neil and Jeremy Podbery
  • 5th no.5- The Smurfs- Dave Kavanagh and Joseph Wick
  • Bee Movie
    Bee Movie
  • Carry on Camping
    Carry on Camping
  • Eynsham Wind Farm
    Eynsham Wind Farm
  • Anyone you know?
    Anyone you know?
  • Wurzel Gummidge
    Wurzel Gummidge
  • The Mermen
    The Mermen
  • Rainbows
  • St Trinian's
    St Trinian's
  • May Queen and float
    May Queen and float
  • familiar face
    familiar face
  • Coventry City Drums
    Coventry City Drums
  • Carnival Queen
    Carnival Queen
  • Bump to One
    Bump to One
  • Oliver!
  • Indiana Jones
    Indiana Jones
  • Professor Crump
    Professor Crump
  • Fifi and Flower Pots
    Fifi and Flower Pots
  • Morris on the move
    Morris on the move
  • Is it over now?
    Is it over now?
  • Carnival route
    Carnival route