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Eynsham Parish Council

Traffic & Works

  • View south from Chilbridge Road
    Photo: Peter Emery 21/04/2010

    Eynsham has more building sites than anyone can recall this year ... unless you know better?


    01/09/2007 Eynsham Parish Plan: Roads, Traffic & Transport

    Pavement Parking

    Planning and Consultation

    Signage Review

    Traffic Advisory Committee

  • Merton Court 1
    Photo: Peter Emery 21/04/2010

    Builders Leadbitter are holding a community open event here on the last Friday of every month between 11:00 and 13:00. Their latest newsletter includes details of a Health & Safety presentation at Eynsham Primary School

    More information: affordable housing >>

  • Merton Court 2
    Photo: Eynsham Online 30/04/2010

  • Blankstone Farm 1
    Photo: Peter Emery 21/04/2010

    Seven dwellings under development at 37 Acre End Street - four new and three from converted barns - plus alterations to existing Rickyard Cottage, vehicle and pedestrian access.

    The site is within the Eynsham conservation area and includes two Grade II listed buildings.

    The Parish Council Planning Committee considered the application on 30 November 2009 and made no objections - view minutes >>; - view documents >>

    Michael Morley recalls the last 50 years; view more local barns >>

  • Blankstone Farm 2
    Photo: Peter Emery 21/04/2010

  • Blankstone Farm 3
    Photo: Peter Emery 21/04/2010

    ... and traffic building up on Acre End Street.

  • Children's Centre
    Photo: Eynsham Online 31/03/2010

    rising in the grounds of Eynsham Primary School - read more >>

    Builders Leadbitter are holding a community open event here on the last Friday of every month between 11:00 and 13:00.

    The application came before the Parish Council Planning Committee on 7 September 2009: view minutes >>

  • Come and Play
    Photo: Eynsham Online 07/04/2010

    Just over the hedge, a new play area due for completion at the end of the month. View feature and gallery >>

  • Eynsham East
    Photo: Peter Emery 21/04/2010

  • with predictable results
    Photo: Eynsham East 21/04/2010

    The Parish Council objected to this application - more >>

  • in both directions
    Photo: Peter Emery 21/04/2010

  • The Star
    Photo: Eynsham Online 

    Closed in 2009. The Parish Council Planning Committee objected to a proposal for erection of 10 residential units and one commercial office on the site - view minutes; view documents >>

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