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Eynsham Parish Council

Good History

Good History

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Above: visit to Cotswold Woollen Weavers at Filkins with Pamela Richards. The slideshow hints at events, outings, studies and projects that live on in the memory - not all of them reflected in the pages of the Good History. If you can help with more names and dates or images please get in touch.

The Junior History Group of Eynsham Primary School published this journal from 1995-2006: editor Pamela Richards; documents below. It generally appeared twice a year, with support and contributions from many residents, including the Story of our Shops (1998). Three special issues covered Eynsham Inns (1997), School History 1967-1999 and Aelfric the Teacher (2005).

“We are the only Primary School Group doing this kind of research and all our work is recognised by the Oxford Local Studies Centre.”

  • “I have fond memories of the Group from primary school days. We sat in the South Wing library and later in the TV room, researching everything from things like the ancient Egyptians for our school work, to the 1901 census. The Group was run by Mrs Richards, with a variety of assistants throughout the years. It ran for any primary school children who wanted to attend, and every term we studied something different.
  • “I particularly remember learning about Eynsham Abbey. This involved looking at maps the grounds, learning a bit of Latin, making illuminated letters, learning how the monks would have lived, and also doing a short play about Aelfric and the colloquy, which we performed for the school and for the EHG.
  • “Another topic I found particularly interesting was the 1901 census. We looked at maps of the village in 1901, and I was surprised by which parts are still around, and how small the village seemed. We also looked at the types of jobs then, and did research into those. A lot of names seemed familiar, so some of us researched a bit about family trees, and this in turn sparked an interest in where our names originated. I still remember that my surname of 'Marks' either came from one of my ancestors being a 'marksman' (good with a gun or bow and arrow), or a stallholder at a market, who was once also called a 'marksman'. Jobs were also on the census, and I researched the rope-making business in the village.
  • “Yes, I have fond memories of the Junior History Group, and I think it helped to nurture my love of history, and develop my writing and research skills. I would like to take this opportunity - on behalf of all of us who ever took part - to thank Mrs Richards for leading us so well, and helping us to understand the way the world is what it is.”

Eynsham Junior History Group 1987-2007 by Matthew J Marks; from Eynsham Record 24 2007.

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  • Andrews-richard
    Photo: Donald Richards 

    Luke Maskell and David Richardson on the Junior History Group's annual visit to Oxfordshire Archives at County Hall.

    Read the reports by Emily Beach, Jessica Scott and Abigail Pukaniuk in Good History no.6 autumn 1998.

  • Andrews-richard
    Photo: Donald Richards 

    A visit to White's bell hanging business at Appleton. Mr White treated the girls like bells (or belles) and weighed them. Left-right: Jessica, Helen, Erica, Christina and Emily.

    Read the report in Good History no.7 winter 1999 (pages 4-7).

  • Andrews-richard
    Photo: Donald Richards 10/06/2000

    Full report in Good History no.8 summer 2000.

  • Andrews-richard
    Photo: Donald Richards 

    The weir paddle enclosure erected in 1924 by Oxford Canal Company.

    We made a study of transport and communications in Good History no.8 summer 2000.

  • Andrews-richard
    Photo: Donald Richards 17/06/2000

    Lydia Ferres enjoying some well-earned refreshment after her tour of Kingston Bagpuize House.

    Read her report in Good History no.9 winter 2000 (pages 3-4).

  • Andrews-richard
    Photo: Donald Richards 

    This term we looked at Victorian working children, mainly in Eynsham. Read the report in Good History no.13 winter 2002.

    We brought our research on Victorian life together in a short presentation to members of Eynsham Day Centre.

  • Andrews-richard
    Photo: Donald Richards 

    A scene from the Day Centre: playing Snakes and Ladders with two Ernies, Messrs Baldwin and Hacker.

    Mr Hacker told us what it was really like to be a coalminer.

  • Andrews-richard
    Photo: Pamela Richards 

    The children particularly enjoyed the occasion.

  • Andrews-richard

    Our study of Eynsham trades /businesses /industries from tanners and brickworks and papermills and sugar beet factories appears in Good History no.14 summer 2003.

    This mock-Tudor garage in High Street has now been replaced by two houses.

  • Andrews-richard
    Photo: Donald Richards 11/05/2003

    In 2003 Thomas Sutherland did another 8 mile walk through part of Wychwood to help raise funds for Oxfordshire Carers' Forum.

    This year he was joined by Mary Moore.

  • Andrews-richard
    Photo: Pamela Richards 

    More time with the Day Centre in 2002.

    Here Mary Moore is helping Mrs Day and Mrs Rainbow to make mince pies.

  • Andrews-richard
    Photo: Pamela Richards 

    This term we looked at the history of parliament: see Good History no.19 winter 2005.

    The theme was started for us by David Cameron, our local MP.

  • Andrews-richard
    Photo: Pamela Richards 17/09/2005

    A walk round Eynsham Abbey Heritage Trail one Saturday afternoon.

  • Andrews-richard
    Photo: Donald Richards 23/07/2005

    Elizabeth Gornall, the monk, at St Benedict's Fair in summer 2005.