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Eynsham Parish Council
Eynsham Parish Plan

Eynsham Parish Plan

The Eynsham Parish Plan is a report on Eynsham in 2006-07. Many Eynsham residents helped to create it. It is based on the views expressed by people who live and work in the village, supported by research. Extracts on key topics are available at the foot of the page, as is the full report (1.38 MB). Read the review 2007-08; follow progress on the Action Plan.

The Plan has a number of purposes:

  • to set out the way the people of Eynsham would like to see the village develop
  • to inform and influence the plans and policies of local authorities and other agencies
  • to offer recommendations for a Parish Action Plan
  • to provide a context to village life and activities for those who wish to be involved.

The Plan has taken over 18 months to produce and involved volunteers from all sections of the community, including churches, shops, police, schools and the departing part-time youth worker. The Parish Council has maintained an interest and has received regular reports through Chris Roles and more recently Richard Andrews.

Funding for the work came from Defra and the Parish Council. We have also received help from SEEDA , ORCC , OMTN, Carnegie Trust UK, Iain Nicholson of OTCN and Catherine Chater. The Steering Group is very grateful for their contributions and advice. A fuller list of contributors appears in Section 6.

The consultation process that informs the Plan is described in Section 4. After an initial survey to identify Eynsham's key concerns, a questionnaire based on these went to every house in the village – and achieved a 25% response. Along the way were letters, emails and talks to groups; flyers, press releases, public events and one-to-one discussion.

Residents' top priorities, covered in detail at Section 5, include:

We provided a background (The Facts) to the expressions of opinion; pointed to some emerging options and wider issues (The Vision); and formulated the responses into a draft Action Plan. Numeric data from the questionnaire is supplied at Appendix 2.

Meanwhile nothing stands still - and the Steering Group has already made a difference:

  • local firms have set up a new business network (Oxfordshire's first at village level)
  • representatives of 16 voluntary groups have met to review the Actions and explore ways of working together
  • a funding bid is under way to clear the Wharf Stream
  • over 50 groups united for our first Village Open Day.

Energy and enterprise are around us already, at group and individual level. But engagement is more demanding. As Henry Ford put it: "Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."

For more information - or if you want to help - please contact the ECI Steering Group. Ring Chris Roles 01865 880674 or write c/o Eynsham Emporium or email.

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