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Eynsham Parish Council
Eynsham Action Plan

Eynsham Action Plan

As reported in June 2007, a 56-point draft Action Plan for Eynsham has evolved from consultation with residents. Top priorities include activities for young people; affordable housing; more jobs and shops; more visible policing; less traffic and fewer heavy vehicles. Read the Review 2007/8.

Over 120 key organisations and individuals received copies of the full Parish Plan, which was grant-funded by Defra. Some of you also picked up a copy at the Village Open Day on 22 September 2007. Ask in the Library if you want to see it in print.

POLICING received a major boost in September 2007, with the arrival of our new Community Support Officers Robert Hopping and Helen Keen. You can contact them on 101.

The PARISH COUNCIL discussed items within its remit in detail:

  • Provision of allotments - there appear to be no local people on the waiting list. View update 2009 >>
  • Bike racks outside the Spar - under consideration.
  • Witney Road play area and extension to basketball court - in hand. View update 2009 >>
  • Maximising local use of the new Sports Hall - agreed to press for priority to be given to local groups once existing bookings expire at the centre.
  • Public notice boards; a village map in the Square - under consideration; improvements agreed in principle (Communications Committee).
  • Review and improve signage - to be considered with District and County councils. View report 2010 - signposting for visitors >>
  • Clearance of ditches - checking ownership of land and possible labour supply.

The COUNTY COUNCIL also provided a detailed response. Some useful points were made:

  • Renewal of stiles/gates and signposts is in hand in liaison with the Parish Council.
  • The Youth Centre in Back Lane runs all year round, though currently restricted to ages 13+: call Carol Rowlands on 01993 772731 email. "Unfortunately there is little capacity to extend provision without additional resources".
  • Damaged surfaces on roads and footways (kerbs/paving) can be reported direct to the Northern Highways Area Office on 0845 310 1111 email.

The DISTRICT COUNCIL has taken action in several areas:

  • Witney Road Play Area - grant of just over £18,500 towards the project: easily the largest recreational award this year. A total of £28,000 was agreed for the entire district. View update 2009 >>
  • Eynsham East Development - consulting with the local council on developer contribution/s, to compensate for any loss of amenity to the community. View update 2009 >>
  • Back Lane Public Toilets - plans for replacement with a unisex toilet and retail unit (Lloyds chemist), with 2 flats above. View update 2009 >>

The TRAFFIC ADVISORY Committee meets only twice a year, but discussed several of the parking & traffic issues raised in the Plan on 16 January 2007. These included bus lanes and the toll bridge; vehicle length/width restrictions; and parking - subject of a new campaign.

VOLUNTEERS have opened up the Wharf Stream to enable canoes and small boats to access the Thames, with support from Siemens and a small grant from the Parish Council. They are also keeping a wildlife log - contributions welcome via The Talbot.

For more information - or if you want to help - please contact the ECI Steering Group. Ring Chris Roles 01865 880674 or write c/o Eynsham Emporium or email.

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