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Eynsham Parish Council

Cotswold Barns

  • Llandaff Barn
    Photo: Sue Chapman 

    In the centre of the village, behind Llandaff house and just off Thames Street, is Llandaff Barn. This too lay empty for many years with its gable end open to the elements (and pigeons) and which became a particularly fine repository of guano before being converted in the 1980s.

  • Newland Close
    Photo: Tim Jordan 23/11/2006

    in Newland Close, this small hay barn and adjoining thatched stables (previously in the grounds of The Haven) were converted for domestic use in 1972. Note the unusual faggot roof.

  • Smoke hole
    Photo: Sue Chapman 

    This local feature discovered in Eynsham was unfortunately not considered important enough to preserve.

  • Read the book!

    For a more detailed and systematic consideration of the design, construction and changing uses of Cotswold barns, together with their place in the rural economy and landscape, turn to ‘Cotswold Barns’ by local Eynsham author Tim Jordan - ISBN 0752437402, Tempus Publishing Ltd, Stroud.

    This well illustrated book provides unique historical record of a fast-disappearing feature of our architectural and agricultural heritage.

  • Update 2011
    Photo: Tim Jordan 26/09/2011

    Tim expands on the subject with yet more of his own photos in this latest paperback "Cotswold Stone Barns" ISBN 978-1445601816.

    It's on sale at Eynsham Post Office or online.

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