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Eynsham Parish Council
Listed Buildings

Listed Buildings

The parish of Eynsham has around 92 buildings of special architectural or historic interest. Grade II buildings are "key elements in the historic character of the settlements and landscape". They "range from grand houses to simple cottages, farm buildings to ... telephone boxes".

Visit our interactive map of Grade II structures in the village - new for 2013.

There is also an image gallery, covering:

  • Part 1: Abbey Street; Acre End Street; Church Street; High Street; Lombard Street; and Mill Street
  • Part 2: Newland Street; Oxford Road; Queen Street; The Square; Station Road; Tanners Lane; Witney Road.

The map and image gallery are complemented by a tour of the Conservation Area and a visit to St Leonard's church (Grade II*).

Click to download this map of listed buildings

The "listing" process is the responsibility of English Heritage. A copy of West Oxfordshire's list is available for inspection in the District Council Planning Department. Descriptions are taken from Victoria County History vol XII (British History Online).

  • 30 September
    Your Parish Council
  • Next week's meeting will discuss St Leonard’s churchyard, Christmas lights, snow / ice and neighbourhood planning

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  • 28 September
    Footpath Report 2014
  • The Footpaths Committee has compiled an inventory of problems for attention by the OCC Countryside Service. More walkers - and reporters - are always welcome!

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  • 21 September
    Show Time
  • The photos are inThe photos are in - and the cup winners list

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  • 17 September
    Grants for Groups
  • The Parish Council will be considering applications from village groups and voluntary organisations in November.

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