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Eynsham Parish Council

Parish Council Meetings

Eynsham Parish Council logoAll Parish Council meetings are held in the Bartholomew Room, Market Square, unless otherwise stated on the Agenda.

All agenda and minutes are published at Eynsham Online - please follow the links in the right-hand sidebar if no meeting is scheduled below, or consult the Document Archive for a full list.

Members of the public and press are always welcome to attend the meetings. If you have any questions beforehand please contact the Clerk.

2016 2 August 18:30 Emergency Planning Committee
2 August 19:30 Full Council
6 September 18:30 Planning Committee (if required)
6 September 19:30 Full Council
13 September 18:30 Footpaths Committee
13 September 19:30 Play Area Committee
4 October 18:30 Planning Committee (if required)
4 October 19:30 Full Council
11 October 19:30 Fishponds Committee
1 November 18:30 Communications Committee
1 November 19:30 Full Council
  • Richard Andrews

    Vice-Chair of the Parish Council; Parish Councillor since August 2006 and a District Councillor for Eynsham & Cassington Ward from 2007-2011. View District Councillors' report to Annual Parish Meeting.

    We have been Eynsham residents since 1997, moving here to take up a new job. Since then, my wife Jean has become the minister of the Baptist Church, having completed her training in Oxford, and both children have been through Bartholomew School. I'm still working full-time managing the development of new products for an electronic instrument manufacturer in Witney.

    We very much enjoy living in the village, close to both city and country and with a lively and active community.

    As a Parish and District Councillor, I want to contribute to maintaining and improving that quality of life, making the village a place where anyone can afford to live and be a part of the community.

    I'm a member of GreenTEA whose long term aim is to sustain that same quality of life as oil gets scarce and energy more expensive and, when I get the time, I'll enjoy some of the practical aspects of sustainable living in my gardening and DIY.

  • Jane Baldwin

    Parish Councillor since November 2014.

    I have lived in the village since 2006 and have two children who attended the primary school and who are now at Bartholomew School. I feel extremely fortunate to live in Eynsham, as a family we appreciate and have enjoyed all that the village has to offer - allotments, sports clubs, cubs & scouts, carnival, the village show - and understand the huge volunteer effort involved.

    My work is in the historic environment and I have considerable experience of the challenges facing communities today particularly those with a rich heritage and valued history like Eynsham. I previously worked for Oxford Preservation Trust who own and care for Lords Farm and land at Swinford. and have considerable experience of the challenges facing communities today particularly those with a rich heritage and valued history like Eynsham. I also worked for Oxford Archaeology and my first excavation was at Eynsham Abbey. I am looking forward to being able to make a difference to my place.

  • Gordon Beach

    Chairman of the Parish Council. View report to Annual Parish Meeting 26/04/2016

  • Andrew Bickley

    Parish Councillor since September 2011.

    I have lived in Eynsham since 1998 and have become more aware during that time of the work which the Parish Council does to improve village life. I look forward to helping in whatever way I can.

    My wife Liz and I have two sons - one is now at university having successfully studied at Eynsham Primary School, Bartholomew School and Cherwell College. The other has just finished at the primary school and is moving up to Bartholomew this September.

    I work for the Atomic Energy Authority at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE) near Abingdon on government liaison, having previously been involved in business strategy at Harwell, and studied physics at University.

  • Sue Brown

    Parish Councillor since September 2011.

    I was born in Eynsham and have lived here most of my life. My 3 children all attended local schools. I work as an officer for Oxfordshire Country Council in School Organisation and Planning.

    I enjoy walking, reading and archaeology. I also have a passion for Oxford United FC and am a season tickets holder.

    I am keen to see the village community continue thrive and grow. I have a particular interest in issues around disability and children and young people.

  • Patricia Crowley

    Parish Councillor since November 2014.

    Having visited my partner's family in Eynsham since the 80s, I moved here in 2003 to be closer to family and in time for our son to start primary school. I was keen that he should be able to walk safely to school which I couldn't be sure of where we lived in London.

    I appreciate the local amenities, shops, schools, social groups and public transport which enable me (most of the time) to juggle a work / life balance.

    I currently work 3 days per week (at home and in London) as Project / Communications Manager for a public health research centre based at UCL. I have over 25 years' experience as a project manager, in international disaster relief and development and in the university sector.

    I'd like to see that changes in Eynsham are positive and beneficial to the community and welcome this opportunity to join the parish council.

  • Peter Emery

    Parish Councillor since 3 August 2010 and a District Councillor since May 2014. View report to Annual Parish Meeting 26/04/2016

    My wife and I moved here from Worcester and found ourselves in a lovely vibrant, friendly community, we love it here. I was initially involved with the Council as a member of the Communications Committee and have recently joined the Local Government Ombudsmen Councillor Forum.

    Since moving to the village I have completed my BA in Art History at Oxford Brookes, as a VERY mature student, a most enjoyable experience. My hobby is, and has been for more than 50 years, building and racing slotcars, which I race at tracks and competitions in the UK and beyond. I have recently created a 'man cave' in my Eynsham home so that I can have both a workshop and a track area - bliss.

  • Ross Macken

    Parish Councillor from November 2015

    We moved to Eynsham in March 2012. I am married to Julie and we have two children Felix (15) and Neve (13). We also have cats, chickens, bees and will shortly get a dog.

    Since moving to Eynsham we have been very happy living in the village and very impressed by the efforts that so many people make to ensure that this is a great place to live. When Rachel asked if I was interested in a role on the parish council I immediately saw this as an opportunity to make my own contribution to the village as well as getting to meet some more of the residents.

    I enjoy running and cycling around the country lanes close to Eynsham. I like working on cars, I have a 1966 Volkswagen Caravanette and have recently bought myself a Triumph motorcycle.

    I am an Operations Director for a global medical diagnostics manufacturer. We have a facility in Milton Park, Abingdon which is what originally brought me into the area, however I now mostly work from home and travel a fair amount as part of the job. I am hard working and enjoy operating in a fast paced and challenging environment solving issues with limited amounts of resource. I am hoping that skill set will be useful to the Parish Council.

  • Andy Mosson

    I have been living in Eynsham for nearly forty years so nearly qualify as a local resident. My wife and I have brought up our two daughters here and the village schools have played a big part in tying us into the community.

    This is my second stint on the Parish Council, having completed twelve years in the past. That period as a councillor led to my becoming chair of the Primary School Governors, as well as involving me in the playing fields committees and the two village charities.

    My working life is spent in the NHS, where I am Technical Manager for the Oxford Kidney Unit responsible for the team ensuring safe operation of all the dialysis machines within a fifty mile radius of Oxford. Through work, I have also chaired the professional body of Renal Technologists, sit on two BSI committees, the Federation for Healthcare Science and the Registration Panel for Clinical Technologists.

    I have always been a keen cricketer and play squash regularly, suffering the aches and pains accordingly ... who said sport was good for you!

  • Sue Osborne

    Parish Councillor since August 2006.

    I have lived in Eynsham since 1986 (apart from a 3 year stint in Cassington). I am a keen walker and enjoy camping, pubs, the theatre and the countryside. I love being involved in village life, both through the Parish Council and by simply living here.

    Visit my page on Eynsham Walks >>

  • Nick Relph

    Parish Councillor since September 2011.

    I was born and educated in London. After obtaining a Geography honours degree at Manchester University, I trained as an accountant in the NHS in Yorkshire and became a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy in 1983.

    I was Finance Director and subsequently Deputy Chief Executive of Oxfordshire Health Authority, then served as Chief Executive of Berkshire Health Authority in 1999 and Thames Valley Strategic Health Authority in April 2002 and am now Chief Executive of Ealing, Hillingdon and Hounslow PCTs.

    I moved to Eynsham with wife Anne in 1985. Our son attended the local primary and Bartholomew School. Anne now runs a luxury wedding cake company from the village.

  • Dennis Stukenbroeker

    Parish Councillor since 3 November 2009.

    Dennis moved to Eynsham full-time in 2000. He took early retirement in 2006 after 20 years as a solicitor in London and Oxford.

  • Mark Zumbuhl

    Parish Councillor from August 2015.

    I grew up in Romford and went to a comprehensive school before going to Cambridge University. I did my graduate work in Glasgow and it was in Scotland that I met my beautiful wife Sara. I have worked for Glasgow, Strathclyde, Manchester and Oxford universities and been a fellow at Trinity College Dublin.

    My academic specialism is in Celtic studies but I try not to stay in the ivory tower: I have given public lectures at the Manchester and the Grosvenor Museums and was historical consultant for a series of primary school textbooks published earlier this year. In Glasgow and again at Oxford, I worked in widening participation, promoting education for young people from non-traditional or disadvantaged backgrounds. I still lecture part-time and supervise several student theses but I am also working at an international school in Oxford.

    We moved to Eynsham in 2010 and all three of our children are attending the primary school, with the eldest looking forward to moving up to Bartholomew next year. Eynsham is a fantastic place to live and we are very aware that the great things which drew us here contribute to the pressures of development in and around the village. I look forward to working with parish council colleagues and the wider village community to ensure that we continue to enjoy the best possible environment and amenities in the future.