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Eynsham Parish Council

Artweeks 2009

Artweeks 2009

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Latest news: Artweeks 2010; Artweeks 2011; Artweeks 2012

Artweeks 2009 promised to be bigger than ever, with 22 exhibitors at last count - and more to come from Eynsham Arts Group. Here is a sample of their work; check the Diary for opening times at main venues.

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  1. Barbara Bibb, Mic Wallington: Swan Cottage, Swan Lane - Oil paintings, monoprints & various other media: people & places.
  2. Old Forge Pottery: 33a Newland Street - Ceramics by Anthony Abrahams, Tansin Atley, Julia Dromgoole, Malcolm Moor, Eva Smith & Ros Weatherall.
  3. Jane Tomlinson: 18 Newland Close - The natural world, the genius of Charles Darwin, animals, birds, sunflowers, pebbles, stone circles and earth magic celebrated in vibrant paintings you'll love.
  4. Crabapple: 16 Queens Lane - Vivid & varied new work by Rose Hallam (jewellery), Gillian Shepherd (ceramics/pottery), Adrian Moyes (digital art), Marjorie Ottley (photography), Tamsin Taylor (photography), Susan Raikes (ceramics / pottery), Meg Blacker (photography).
  5. June King: 18 Old Witney Road - Dazzling exhibition in summerhouse, workshop & garden: stained glass, mosaic and paintings reflecting my love of the natural world, colour light & fantasy.
  6. Eynsham Arts Group Eynsham Arts Group: Bartholomew Room, Market Square - Exhibitors include Sue Cook, Lorna Marrison, Graham Rice and Sue Templeman
  7. Sarah Parker, Jayne Rossiter Gill: 17 Acre End Street - Beautifully crafted millinery & jewellery in contemporary & traditional styles. Wedding photography & exhibition of people & places.
  8. Christopher and Tabitha Schenk, Mary Field: 6 Cassington Road - Explorations of light, shadow, textures and patterns in photography/digital art, paintings and drawing.

  • Andrews-richard
    Photo: Eynsham Online 05/05/2009

    Adrian has done some pioneering work in digigraphs including this piece entitled Land of Lost Content and is a founder member of the Crabapple group.

  • Andrews-richard
    Photo: Eynsham Online 03/05/2011

    one of 7 artists working at the Old Forge Pottery

  • Andrews-richard
  • Andrews-richard
    Photo: Eynsham Online 05/05/2009

  • Andrews-richard

    Lorna is a member of Eynsham Arts Group.

  • Andrews-richard

    Showcasing the work of 7 artists this year

  • Andrews-richard

    Sue is exhibiting with Eynsham Arts Group in the Bartholomew Room. This is her first floral painting in oils.

  • Andrews-richard
    Photo: Eynsham Online 09/05/2009

    Sue is another founder member of the Crabapple group. This piece is a depiction of Swinford Lock.

  • Andrews-richard

    Sue is another member of Eynsham Arts Group.

  • Andrews-richard
    Photo: Sarah Parker 

    All you need for a truly special occasion. Millinery - Jayne Elizabeth Millinery. Photography - Sarah Parker. Vintage Car - Richard Franklin.

    Contact Jayne in the first instance: email jayne3232@hotmail.com