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Eynsham Parish Council

Artweeks 2010

  • life class
    Photo: Eynsham Online 23/05/2010

    The warm weekend brought out visitors in Mediterranean colours when Eynsham Artweeks began on Saturday.

    Once again, Jane Tomlinson has created a map for the occasion. Download a print-quality version to guide you around.

    For more local images visit Eynsham Sketchbook; Eynsham Artweeks 2009

  • arts group

    This year Eynsham Arts Group celebrates its 40th year - read more >>

    The Eynsham Door series (as shown on the poster) by Lorna Marrison is exhibited as part of their spring exhibition, which coincides with Artweeks. There were several red dots by the final weekend.

  • killer heels
    Photo: Sue Cook 13/11/2009

    Sue is the Chairman of Eynsham Arts Group. Her series of shoes painting continues in ever more outrageous style.

  • seizing the moment
    Photo: Eynsham Online 21/05/2010

    Nick Lewis enjoyed a perfect morning outside the Emporium with other members of Beth Wood's Art Class.

  • seizing the moment 2
    Photo: Eynsham Online 17/05/2010

    The hairdresser's window shimmered in a romantic haze to mark the occasion

  • not for sale
    Photo: Eynsham Online 22/05/2010

  • Charles Cutting
    Photo: Eynsham Online 22/05/2010

    Showing in the White Hart, Eynsham OX29 4LB: 01865 427743 website

    Painting and Drawing: quality murals painted on wooden boards, ideal for nurseries and children’s rooms.

  • stuff of dreams
    Photo: Eynsham Online 22/05/2010

    The board game in the foreground has been redesigned in loving detail.

  • Crabapple
    Photo: Eynsham Online 22/05/2010

    16 Queen's Lane, Eynsham, OX29 4HL: 01865 464021 website.

    Vivid and varied new work by collective of artists – photography, pottery, jewellery, digigraphs and paintings. This image shows detail from a vase built by Sue Raikes.

  • Julia Loken

    Myrtle Cottage, Tanner's Lane, Eynsham OX29 4HJ: 01865 881404 website - 22-23 and 26-31 May (12:00-18:00) (Thur 12:00-20:00).

    Painting and Drawing: delicate, glowing watercolours, mainly plant related. The large garden which inspires the artist is also open. This superb pink paeony comes into bloom at the end of May every year and has inspired her to paint it in many guises.

  • artist's model
    Photo: Eynsham Online 23/05/2010

  • clay masks
    Photo: Eynsham Online 27/05/2010

    Eynsham Community Primary School, Beech Road, Eynsham OX29 4LJ: 01865 881294.

    Mixed media: an exciting school showcasing the wide range of artwork produced by the children.

  • great fire of London

    One of several collaborative works on view at Eynsham Primary School - probably drawing inspiration from the fire that destroyed the west wing, commemorated in the next scene.

    Full story of the west wing fire in the Primary School History 1967-99.

  • west wing 40 years on

    A Commemorative Artwork

    The children each chose a place for a picture and close up photograph was taken. After printing the photo was painted with some picture maker and turned over and placed on a piece of cloth. This was then covered with a sheet of kitchen towel and a roller was used to roll over the cloth in each direction until the picture was stuck to the cloth. This was then left to dry on a rack. The following day the cloth was soaked in a tub or water and the paper the photo was on was rubbed off gently, leaving the photo imprinted on the cloth. These were then left to dry again on a rack. After drying the cloth picture was covered with PVA glue and left to dry overnight. This process enhanced the picture and once dry the cloth was ironed and trimmed.

    Once all these processes were complete on each photo it was time to join all the pictures together. Sewing seemed to be the best option, but proved to be a mammoth task. A large piece of green material was laid out on a large table and each picture randomly laid in rows. Once all laid out, the edges were marked with chalk and the cloths removed and numbered. Rows of four pictures were then sewn together, side by side and then each row joined to the rest. The whole picture was then sewn onto the large piece of green material and runners were sewn at the top and bottom for poles to go into, so that the hanging could be put up.

  • Old Forge Pottery
    Photo: Anthony Abrahams 

    33a Newland Street, Eynsham OX29 4LB: 07973 831029 website
    22-23 and 29-31 May (11:00-18:00).

    Ceramics and Pottery: 6 diverse ceramicists thrive in fascinating historic village forge studio.

  • Eva Smith
    Photo: Eynsham Online 22/05/2010

    working and exhibiting at the Old Forge Pottery

  • Tabitha Schenk
    Photo: Eynsham Online 31/05/2010

    The artist (striped pullover, foreground) talking to some of her visitors.

    6 Cassington Road, Eynsham OX29 4LF: 01865 880256 email.

    Painting and Drawing, Photography / Digital Art: exhibition with Mary Field, showing two different artists' views of the natural world through photography & acrylics.

  • Tabitha Schenk 2
    Photo: Eynsham Online 31/05/2010

    My greatest passion is taking photographs of the natural world, especially flowers. This year I have looked from afar and up close, exploring their patterns, shapes and colours and how they react to the sun. The majority of the images on my flower wall this year have been taken in the UK, with many captured in the garden of this house.

  • Tabitha Schenk 3
    Photo: Eynsham Online 31/05/2010

    On the other wall are photographs taken last year on my summer holiday. They were taken in Prague, Vienna, Attersee and Bratislava, all places connected with my family history. I have explored traditional postcard cliché images with detailed extracts from everyday life, such as door hinges and windows. The whole wall looks at time and new beginnings and how history can be brought to life in a photograph.

    The collection of photographs to the right of the desk were all taken in the old Jewish cemetery in Prague. These photographs are all about life continuing on around death, as demonstrated by the sun, the plants and the animals.

  • Jane Tomlinson

    18 Newland Close, Eynsham OX29 4LE: 01865 883861 website

    Painting and Drawing: vibrant paintings of the natural world, animals, birds, pebbles, sunflowers and earth magic you'll love.

  • Jane Tomlinson 2
    Photo: Eynsham Online 22/05/2010

    artist in residence

  • Eric White

    37 High Street, Eynsham OX29 4HE: email.
    22-31 May (12:00-18:00) (Thur 12:00-20:00).
    Painting and Drawing: atmospheric interpretations in pastel evoking the essence of places near and far.

  • Eric White 2
    Photo: Eynsham Online 23/05/2010

  • river of life
    Photo: Eynsham Online 30/04/2010

    Four double-sided panels, half made up of silk painting and the other half of weaving, remain on view at St Leonard's Church - open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 12:00-13:00, Friday 11:00-12:00 and Saturday 11:00-13:00 in the summer months.

    More details in the church slideshow >>

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