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Eynsham Parish Council

Play Areas

Play Areas

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The Parish Council manages 3 play areas to the south, east and west of the village centre - on Oxford Road north side; behind Dovehouse Close / Wytham View (next to the primary school); and at the entrance to Old Witney Road. They are marked 12, 13 and 14 in yellow on the map of local amenities. For more information ask any member of the Parish Council Play Area Committee.

  • Old Witney Road was redeveloped in 2007 - see images 6-15 in this slideshow. Further improvements in 2013 have been funded by developer contributions.
  • Wytham View was the focus for 2009, though the opportunity was taken for wider consultation - documents below. View special feature - Dovehouse "Come and Play".
  • Oxford Road north side benefitted from an ambitious refurbishment scheme in 2011-12, with funding linked to new housing at Eynsham East - view feature >>

CONSULTATION 2009: Extensive consultations were held this year, including local children. 75 households returned a completed survey form; view full results. Wytham View scored lowest of the three play areas - a helpful basis for the redevelopment programme.

    Witney Road toddler unit
  • Residents' top concerns:
    • Condition of equipment: 52%
    • Not enough seating or social areas for adults/carers: 47%
    • Suitability of equipment: 43%
    • Not enough for teenagers to do: 32%
    • Vandalism: 32%
    • Not feeling safe: 17%
    • Litter/dog mess: 13%
  • Residents' top priorities:
    • Attractiveness to children of all ages: 67%
    • Inclusiveness of all children regardless of ability: 58%
    • Variety and range of features: 60%
    • Easy to maintain and sustainable: 33%
    • Have strong support from the local community: 25%
    • Accessible and easy to get to: 8%

UPDATE 2010: A new Play Area Policy was adopted in March and Committee recommendations for repairs were approved in September. The Play Area Committee met on 16 November to consider improvements and replacements at all three play areas.

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  • Andrews-richard
    Photo: Eynsham Online 24/03/2009

    surrrounded by no fewer than 3 housing estates

  • Andrews-richard
    Photo: Eynsham Online 17/03/2009

    currently with limited facilities for young children and parents

  • Andrews-richard
    Photo: Eynsham Online 17/03/2009

    adequate, if rather conventional ...

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    Photo: Eynsham Online 17/03/2009

  • Andrews-richard
    Photo: Eynsham Online 

    "I like the Park because I like climbing the big metal climbing frame. It has a lot of grass where people play football and some tall trees. There is a car park and there is a brilliant skate board park." Reuben

    My Favourite Place: part of a geography project at Eynsham Primary School in summer 2007

  • Andrews-richard

    Witney Road Play Area now has a re-vamp to both the facilities and the approach. Planning took many months and owes much to interested parents, youngsters and neighbours who gave us their views and helped us to make the area something to be proud of!

    With tendering complete, the Parish Council applied for grants towards the total cost of 44,417.35. Other items may be added to all three play areas when funds permit; do send in your suggestions.

    In January 2008 West Oxfordshire District Council announced a grant of just over 18,500 towards the project - easily the largest recreational award. A total 28,000 was agreed for the entire district.

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    Photo: Eynsham Online 

    New teenage hang-about area in foreground. This is a mixed area, for all age groups, not just the very young, and all equipment and surfaces are approved by RoSPA.

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    Photo: Eynsham Online 

    The court was doubled by ...

    "uplift and removal of existing bench and base and making good with topsoil and seed. Supply and lay 81m2 concrete base with PCC edging to mirror existing basketball court. Lay markings to basketball court, supply and install one basketball post with HDPE backboard".

  • Andrews-richard
    Photo: Eynsham Online 06/02/2008

    The teenagers were at school!

  • Andrews-richard
    Photo: Eynsham Online 

    Saternus Mania climbing unit (code 3001 I) with Grassmat surfacing including stabilising mesh.

  • Andrews-richard
  • Andrews-richard

    Parkplay "willow" toddler unit with 700mm high platforms; entrance steps; cargo net (steel cored); china bridge; abacus panel; dormer roof; wavy infill panel; stainless steel slide; and hammock. Grassmat surfacing including stabilising mesh.

  • Andrews-richard
  • Andrews-richard

    Newly planted along Old Witney Road in February 2008 but designed to expand and provide year- round interest.

  • Andrews-richard

    The new gate installed in September 2008